Buenos Dias Buenos Aires

Hola Amigos y Compadres,

So far the trip has been fantastic and the students have been everything we could have hoped for in student missionaries.

We arrived semi-bleary eyed into Buenos Aires on Friday morning.  We were able to come to the hotel, have lunch, rest and acclimate for the day.  That evening Amber King, a College student from NRHBC who has been living in Buenos Aires, and Kelli Frealy, a missionary, were able to orient the team in several aspects of the Argentine culture and in a few do’s and don’ts.

We concluded Friday night with a nice dinner with the team, the Frealys and another missionary family in BA.

On Saturday the translators arrived who live just outside of BA (Buenos Aires).  They are student missionaries with Word of Life, which is a worldwide evangelical organization.  So far we have been incredible impressed with their ability to translate and more so with their heart to share the gospel.  I think they could share the gospel with a dog, and it would not only become a believer but learn how to bark Jesus.

On Saturday we spent the day in Chacarita, primarily prayerwalking, but also taking advantage of every opportunity to share the gospel.

Today, Sunday, we were able to go a Baptist Church where the Frealys attend worship.  The worship service started at 10, included an hour of worship and an hour of preaching.  We received communion and Amber and I shared a testimony of how God was using our church in Buenos Aires.

A part of our strategy to narrow down those interested in spiritual things is to have a program and a bible raffle in a park on Sunday afternoons.  Unfortunately, after being in the plaza for just a short time it began to rain.  We headed back to the hotel, and played several games as it poured.  One of the games is entitled Naked, which is similar to Scatagories, and Pastor Tommy can be assured that it doesn’t involve any actual nudity.  However, I am the King of Naked.

The students and adult leaders had a great attitude, and we look forward of going back tomorrow to a park in our barrio.

Tomorrow, the plan is to share the gospel, going door to door and using our training in “walk across the room” to start spiritual conversations in the parks and plazas.

The students have been great, especially their attitudes.  The translators are fantastic, and we plan to partner with them on subsequent trips.  And the adult leaders have been okay too.  🙂

Thank you for praying for us.  Please pray for boldness to share the gospel, hearts open to receiving Christ, interest among Argentines to start and attend house churches, and good weather.

God Bless,

Mark Spence

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