Argentina Update from Steve Pulley

Things are going very well here in Argentina! We have had the fortunate benefit of outstanding weather (although it has not been nearly as cold as we had understood), we have navigated around the big city without any fault, have done a tremendous job with the language barriers, and have seen God stretch and use our group in ways that we have prayed for.

Our typical day consists of grabbing medialunas (crescents) and hot coffee each morning as a team. Then we head to the park in our barrio. It’s a short 10 minute bus ride. We make balloon animals for the kids (a big hit) and invite everyone we see to attend the presentation we put on. One of our translators paints a picture on a large canvas-thing that is in essence a Gospel presentation. Afterwards, we surround the people and ask them what their thoughts were of what they saw and heard.

So far, we have witnessed (by sharing faith stories, deep insight into a Biblical worldview, marked New Testament, etc) to athiests, agnostics, pantheists, Catholics, and the list goes on. Many have said “No” after we have preseneted the Gospel. That part has been difficult for our students especially. But, we have had robust and deep conversations that have passionately lit up our entire team. We have seen how addictive and contagious sharing our faith is.

We have also given away dozens if not hundreds of gospel tracts. It’s been amazing to watch our group pass these out at the most random places and without reservation. We have given away dozens of spanish New Testaments too.

The majority of the day is spent at the park. We travel back to the hotel for dinner around 8 pm and then a team meeting afterwards. We usually turn out our lights at around midnite.

As of today, we have seen (no official count until Friday) around 25 people that have given their lives to Jesus! I would estimate that close to 200 have had the Gospel presented to them. Our goal is for every person to have been in on the process of leading someone to Christ. There are only a few that have not accomplished this yet.

In addition, we have gone to the park each day and been able to follow-up with new Christians. Many here have difficulty bridging the gap between Catholicism and new salvation in Christ. We have done a lot of teaching.

God has really moved! The fields are ripe here and we are heading towards the continued goal of beginning home churches in our 2 barrios.

If you get a chance to pray for us, ask:

1. For our continued safety.

2. That every team member will be able to see at least one person come to Christ.

3. That our students will sharpen their Gospel presentation methods

4. That we will take what we are doing here (a lifestyle of evangelism) back home with us

5. That revival will begin both in BA and in NRHBC

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