2 Months in Argentina in 197 Words

Amber in DFW Airport

Amber in DFW Airport

I am so blessed to be part of a sending church! The ABBA project is a wonderful concept that, with time and people, will bring much glory to God as believers are united in worship throughout Villa Ortúzar and Chacarita. As I reflect on my two months in Buenos Aires a few things will always stand out. There are many ways in which I grew both spiritually and relationally. The greatest thing that I learned is what it is to be satisfied and content functioning on God’s time, not my own. I am convinced that missions are used by God to increase the faith of those doing the mission work just as much as it for the recipients of those missions. Through my time in BA I also experienced the joy of working with Christians ranging from high school students to retired folks. It was a reminder that we all have a specific design to serve the Lord. My time with ABBA will be a spiritual marker in my life and I am so grateful for having had the opportunity. It is blessing to be part of NRHBC that has always been faithful to the Great Commission.


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