A Student’s Reflection on the Trip

                We got here on July 11, around 9 A.M. and Argentina was absolutely wonderful. When we got to Argentina we went and ate lunch with the first group before they left for the airport. They had an amazing time.  I definitely improved my Spanish speaking skills since I’m the kid from Texas that took French so… yeah it’s been a little complicating.  

Sunday afternoon we went to Villa Ortuzar, one of the Barrios, and had a get together at the park. The park is where everyone goes on Sundays to get out of their houses and take their kids and their dogs to the park.   We’re going to have a sound system and balloon animals (pray for me cause that’s what i’ll be doing), and playing with all the little kids. The four of us kids really bonded.  Cameron, Garrett, Sarah and I played Uno in our spare time and really got to know each other.

 In Argentina, I missed my family and friends but I knew that I was in the right place. Sunday, we went to a house church and it was amazing.  The sermon was in Spanish so we had to have it translated then we went and ate at McDonalds with one of the Missionary families.  Then we went to the park and I made balloon animals for over 3 hours.  I was kissed on the cheek at least three times today by little kids because that’s how they greet and say good bye.  So that was a true blessing.

Tuesday was sooo amazing.  We made appointments all week with people that we met in the park on Sunday. Tuesday,  my group went and visited a man who basically didn;t want to hear anything we had to say which was sooo difficult for me. Then I went with one of my leaders, Angela Roberts, and a translator to talk with a lady. She totally shut me out. I have such a passion and a broken heart for these people and so when two people in one day have rejected the word of God it hurts, I started to cry and my youth minister, Steve Pulley, and some other leader comforted me. One of the leaders, Lupe Garcia, called me over and had me talk to an eight year old boy named Kevin Ezekial Montana.   I want y’all to be praying for him because I helped lead him to Christ and with excitement I continued to cry so… Tuesday was very emotional. Then later on in the day Lupe led Kevin’s two older sisters to Christ who are seventeen and eighteen. So as well would y’all pray for them as well.

Sydni was able to share God's love with Kevin

Sydni and Kevin Ezekiel Montana

I had a TOTAL blast this week which has totally changed my outlook on the way I live my day-to-day life and it has been a heart-breaking experience for me. I have a broken heart for these people.  My spiritual life has grown so much within the past couple of weeks and his word has really opened my heart.  So just pray for me and my spiritual walk with my savior, Jesus Christ.

Thursday was our last full day in Argentina. We headed back out to the park to show God’s love and “walking across the room” to witness to people.  This week, one of our sponsors witnessed to a homeless man that actually lives in the park.  He accepted Christ and is now on a high and he has decided to leave the area and make a better life for himself, his name is Antonio, so if y’all dont mind praying for him that would be amazing.

I’m excited to be home but at the same time it was hard to leave this beautiful city. I came to love the surroundings and I learned to just walk up and start talking in English and the translator will just come up and start translating. You just have to set yourself out there because that’s what’s going to attract these people. They love the English so sometimes they will tell you that they want to practice their English with you so then they will understand that you in return will poorly try to speak Spanish back hahaha.  

I had an experience here and it’s not going to stop.  It will continue on in my day-to-day life. Sarah Yeakley and I had a meeting with our youth minister and we started talking about school revival.  We have high hopes and he encouraged us not to wait till school starts but to start praying know and then once school starts that God will provide the sources needed. I know that in Christ all things are possible so I know that with him I can do anything he wants me to do.

I just want y’all to continue praying for what I have already asked. I pray for all of y’all in return that God will use all of you in the ways he has planned and in return you will accept the mission and further his kingdom.

In Christ’s Love

Sydni Levy

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  1. balloonanimals says:

    If it helps here are some instruction on balloon animals for kids. This should make it easier if you going to do this again.


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