Season’s Greetings…It is winter down here, you know!

Monday, September 15

The team in Buenos Aires has experienced a blessed couple of days.

Because we didn’t have very many appointments for today, we went to the cemetary in the late morning/early afternoon.  We ate lunch in Chacarita and rode the Subway to Villa Ortuzar.  After that, we broke up into our teams to follow-up with people from previous trips.

My team (Mark Spence and Louise Keeton) met with Jose Luis in his home for over an hour…we drank mate, and chatted.  It was a nice time. Jose Luis is very excited about the meeting on Wednesday night.  We met Jose Luis on the November 07 trip.  Jason Frealy, the local missionary, and Charlie Nelson shared the gospel with him, and he later came to Christ.  Jason calls him his best Argentine friend.  We hope that Jose Luis will have a passion to reach his family, friends and neighbors and serve as a leader in the house church.

After that we met with Sylvia Gonzalez for a little bit.  We met Sylvia in February, she was already a believer and has a solid faith.  She is very poor, and has 10 children.  Many of whom have become Christians & baptized by immersion.  Our meeting  was nice, and invited her to Wed. night as well.

Lastly, we went to  see a woman that we met in February.  It was a very short visit, but she also “committed” to come on Wed. night.

Tommy and Sue had a good day as well.  They met with Arminda among others, but was stood up by an appointment.  That’s Argentina!  Tommy and Sue are doing very well.  It is a lot of walking, and I pray that as the week goes, their feet will not ache too much.

Lydia and Mark Duran saw Irma.  She said it was a sweet visit.  Irma also committed to coming on Wed.  Lydia encouraged her to think about hosting the bible study in her home, and said Irma was open to it.  Lydia and Mark were also able to lead a young man to Christ, the son of a woman, Mirta, we met on a previous trip.

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