Tuesday Sept. 16

Hola Tejanos,

Yesterday was a pretty good day, and had its ups and downs.  My day started off very early with golf.  A local missionary, Mark D, the local missionary’s friend from the Aposento church Enrique, and I played at a 9 hole course.  It was a lot of fun to play and because we woke up early enough, we were able to play before the day started.

After our team meeting, my group followed up with several people from previous trips before our appointments.

We went to one house where a teen, Patricia Fernandez, lived that Bill Stewart led to the Lord.  She had moved, so we shared the gospel with the lady, Christina who lived there now.  Christina was very ambiguous on what she believed…she felt like faith was something that people should decide for themselves, and is not something that should be pushed on anyone else.  I shared my faith story in order to encourage her that I had a real experience with God, but she wasn’t interested.

Christina knew where Patricia lived, and so we went to her new home.  Patricia wasn’t at home, but we were able to meet a young mother, Ericka.  Ericka is catholic and has been exposed to the gospel.  She new how to answer many of the questions “correctly,”  but wasn’t sure of her salvation.   We spent a lot of time with her to help her have some assurance, and we have an appointment with her today just after lunch.

Then we went to another home, that of Marcelo Seguro, who prayed to receive Christ last November.  He wasn’t at home, but his teenage brother-in-law and friend were standing outside the home.  They affirmed the change in Marcelo since his conversion.  I then shared my faith story with them.  They were attentive, and polite.  However, when asked if they would like to have the same assurance of salvation as I have, they were not interested.

Having left a bible with Christina, Ericka, Marcelo’s brother-in-law and friend, I was out of Bibles.  So we took a taxi back to the hotel.  Our translator began to share with the taxi driver.  He lives in Villa Ortuzar very close to the plaza.  When we said that our goal is to start a church in Villa Ortuzar, he asked if we were the group who comes every so often and makes balloons and offers a big Bible.  It is exciting that we have a positive reputation in the community and were able to meet him.  His name is Oswaldo.

When I started to share my faith story with him, he was not receptive.  In fact, he just wanted to argue about the politics of the US and the Iraqi war.  Ultimately the conversation was frustrating, but also affirming.

We were supposed to meet with two people, one at 5 and one at 5:45, but they were busy and the reasons offered were “it’s complicated.”

The day ended with a fellowship at the Frealy’s home.  The Sosas and Rod and Shannon Jeffries’ families came to the Frealy’s.  We ate empanadas…drank mate…and enjoyed gringo time together.

Today my team is going to Chacarita to follow up with several there from May’s trip to touch base and to invite them to tonight’s meeting.

We have had a great couple days but we are getting tired.  Pray that tonight goes well.

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