Quick Update

From Thursday, September 18

We are about to check out of our hotel in about 45 minutes…so I only have time for a quick update.

Yesterday, after a busted appointment we went to Chacarita.  In a mausoleum for police in the Cemetery, we met Miguel.  Kyle Burroughs team led Miguel to Christ in July…he is probably in his late 50s, lives an hour away, and works 11 hours a day with one day off a week!

He was a very kind man, and Louise K. led him through lesson 3 as Kyle’s team led him through lesson 1 & 2.  It was clear from the underlined verses in his Bible that he had been reading God’s word.  We were with him almost two hours.

We did not have his phone number, so that previously Jason couldn’t follow up with him.  This time, we were able to get it, and plans to follow-up with him.

We went by another home to follow up with someone Wayne met, but he wasn’t home.

Lastly, we met Eduardo Caliz, who lives just east of Chacarita, and who is an online seminary student.  Wayne’s team met him in May.  He has severe back issues which keep him from serving in the local church, but is interested in the team in November coming by to check in with him.

After that we met up with each team and went back to the hotel before our Bible meeting.  The translators had to leave us at that time and so we said good-bye.

I had hoped and prayed that the meeting wouldn’t be flop.  Praying that at least 2 or 3 people would show, and we had 10 adults and 12 children!

Jason and a local missionary led the meeting, demonstrating what the house church would look like including a movie that could be shown as chapters to facilitate discussion.

Then they talked to the group asking if anyone would be willing to host and invite their family, friends and neighbors with Jason or another local missionary leading the house church.  Three people were interested and are going to meet with the local missionary and Jason.

It was a blessing and beyond my expecations.


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