March 09 Trip Update 1

Amigos y Amigas,

Our flight went well as we arrived in Buenos Aires at 10 AM local time, 6 AM in DFW. We were all able to rest this afternoon, which was very nice.

The team was supposed to meet with a local missionary, Kelli Frealy, at 7 PM for an orientation meeting. There was a little bit of a “perfect storm” as everyone arrived at 6:45 – our three translators, the Frealy clan, a new missionary couple, plus a couple of college students studying with the IMB in BsAs. It was a little hectic for a few minutes, but everything went well. The orientation was fun as everyone shared mate, an Argentine drink similar to green tea. Blake Weaver especially enjoyed it, or thought it was disgusting, you make pretty much the same face either way when drinking mate.

After orientation, the group went to dinner (all 21 of us!). We ate at La Farrola. I had a t-bone and a mixed salad for about $6. It was excellent.

Our translators are top notch. There are two women, both are sisters of Simona Golas, who was a translator for the first student team last July. One is a guy, and all three are studying at the word of life institute in BsAs, and all three are from Romania.

Tomorrow, we are going to prayerwalk Villa Ortuzar. At about 3 PM our time, we are going to go to the plaza, and start our thing about 4 – which is about 1 PM.

Monday through Wednesday night, we will be doing security surveys in order to invite folks to the security meeting on Thursday night. Our goal is to do 100 surveys over the three days.

Pray for Blake, who turned his ankle on Wednesday, but is hobbling along well. Pray that the Bible give-a-way in the park goes well in generating many people interested in a personal Bible who are then open to a discussion about Christ. Pray that as the week goes we can survey 100 people and then see about 15 go to the meeting on Thursday.

God Bless,


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