Hola means Howdy in espanol (I checked)

Hola means Howdy en espanol,

Hola/Howdy from Buenos Aires. The team worked very hard today walking the streets of our barrio, Villa Ortuzar. Tonight we are full and happy to be at the hotel to rest our feet. Jesus said how beautiful are the feet of those who share the good news. He forgot to mention that sometimes they could use a foot rub.

Every morning we meet together to share about how the Lord worked the previous day. However, this morning, we were absent Lupe’s team as they had already left the hotel for an appointment with the family who won the Bible. They met up with the rest of the group at the plaza (twenty-five de August) later in the early afternoon.

Jane had an amazing, but difficult experience with a woman who was content with the fact that she was going to hell. Fortunately, the woman was willing to listen to Jane share the entire gospel message as well as her faith story. This Argentine woman noticed the fervor and joy that Jane demonstrates as a disciple. We can only hope and pray that the Holy Spirit may use Jane’s words to begin to change her heart. It was further difficult but again amazing to see Jane tearfully recount the conversation as Jane’s heart was broken over the lostness of the woman.

As we went about our morning, we were blessed as many teams were able to meet with their appointments. We have new brothers and sisters in Christ as a result of today’s work. I was blessed to learn after a conversation with one of our missionaries, that he is regularly meeting with four Argentine families, and hopes that it will soon transition from a closed Bible study to an open house church. This is a answer to prayer as well as presents a significant prayer request. After many trips to the barrio, it is wonderful to start to see some fruit from our hard work.

Tonight we went to the swankier section of Villa Ortuzar where we have not had many inroads into people’s homes. The teams split up for surveys in which we questioned people’s feelings about security. After completing the survey, we extended an invitation to a local restaurant where Jason will be leading a discussion on personal security. Next week Jason, a former police officer in the US, will lead a discussion on home security to the same group. The third week, in the same restaurant and to the same group, he will lead a discussion on eternal security. The hope is that after three meetings, relationships will have formed amongst the group as well as with Christ so that a new house church will start. Tuesday night and Wednesday night we will continue with the surveys inviting more to attend Thursday’s meeting.

Pray for the team tonight that we will awake refreshed and ready for another day of sharing God’s love. Pray for the appointments we have tomorrow that the Argentines will be home and open to the gospel. Also, pray for the security surveying as well as the meetings that God will use these events to start a new church in Villa Ortuzar.



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