Tuesday Update – I wish Spanglish was an Official Language

Tuesday was a great day. After our morning meeting and lunch, the teams divided up for their appointments.

Today I went with Thad and Jane Weaver. On Monday, Thad and Jane diligently shared with several Argentines, but they were disinterested or remained convinced that salvation is through the works of the sacraments. IT made for a difficult day, but it also made for great rejoicing after our first appointment. The young woman we were to meet was not home, but we asked her sister if she had a moment. She said she did not, but I forged ahead with my faith story. After sharing with her the assurance that I have in Christ, she asked to have that same assurance as well. Jane shared the gospel with her, and the young woman, Eliana, prayed for Jesus to be her Lord and savior. Thad and Jane are supposed to meet with her again today. It was a great blessing.

For the rest of the afternoon, we went to see Arminda, an 80 year old believer who was overjoyed to see us. We went by another contact from a previous trip, who asked us to come back today. As we were walking to the last appointment Thad and Jane saw a man standing at his door. They felt the spirit move and went back to talk to him. He was interested and open to hearing the gospel, and plans to attend the meeting on Thursday night. The last young woman we talked to was the most difficult of the day. She would affirm a truth from scripture, but was very wishy-washy about needing Christ. Her name is Sophia, which means wisdom, and so our prayer is for God to give her conviction and wisdom that comes from him.

From about 5:30 to 8, we did another round of security questionnaires in order to invite people to a security meeting on Thursday. The surveys went well and we are beginning to be concerned about the size of the restaurant if 30 or 40 people come for the security meeting (and free pizza). I learned that the name of the restaurant is “beginnings.” Let’s pray that it is the beginning of a house church.

Pray for our team as we are starting to feel the effects of several days of hard work and walking. Pray for open hearts and commitment to appointments. Pray that the surveys go well and that a new church forms out of the meeting on Thursday night.

Beso ciao,


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