March Update #? – How long have I been here?

Wednesday started well, but ended wet. After our meeting and lunch, the teams divided up for the appointments. Again today, I went with Thad, Jane and our translator, Tiberius. (nicknamed, TB)

Our first meeting ended in disappointment, as the young woman who prayed to receive Christ yesterday was not home today. However, after this meeting we had a couple that lifted our spirits. This past July, Garrett Noel, one of our students, led a child to the Lord. The child’s name is Brian Jose Salesi. I remember going by his home twice in September, but his family was not home. Today, we met his mother, Gabriela. We had a nice visit with her. After I shared my faith story, I asked if she had the same assurance of heaven that I have, and she did not. Thad shared the gospel with her, and she affirmed each truth of the scripture. When asked if she had previously genuinely believed and confessed in Jesus as her Lord, she affirmed that as well. We talked with her about being confident in her assurance of salvation, and we are going to meet with her again tomorrow.

At the next meeting we met the son, Iker, of a woman, Veridiana, that Angela Roberts led to faith also this past July. Again, after sharing my faith storey, Iker wanted the same assurance of salvation. After hearing the gospel, Iker prayed to receive Christ. Tomorrow, we have an appointment with Iker and Veridiana to discuss the next steps of faith.

Next we had an appointment with a woman Janet and I met last spring, Laura. Every time we went to see her, something was going on to make her life “complicated.” The same was true today. My prayer is to sometime catch Laura at an uncreative moment so we have the opportunity to share with her about God’s love.

With some spare time, our little team went to Chacarita cemetery. It is an amazing place because most of the graves are mausoleums. We spent about an hour wondering through the cemetery and thankful that in death we have hope through our savior, Jesus Christ.

At this point, it was time for the team to meet. The plan for the evening was for part of the team to participate in a prayer meeting in the plaza 25 de Agosto, while the rest did more surveys. However, the weather was uncooperative. It was literally raining cats and dogs.

We went back to the hotel to (temporarily) dry off before dinner. A new missionary family, the Brays, met us for dinner. Their job is to coordinate the volunteer mission teams (like ours). They are a great young couple, new to the mission field, and are also fightin Texas Aggies, which is always a plus.

Pray for the security meeting tomorrow, that many Argentines will come interested not only in personal security, but also in eternal security. Pray that the weather will be cooperative. Pray for the last day of meetings that we will continue to proclaim the gospel boldly.


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