Friday, 17 de Abril team report

Hola de Buenos Aires!

Friday Report:
It’s been a full day for us here in BA; and though we are physically
spent, our hearts are filled with joy and anticipation for what God will
show us tomorrow. We did some “waiting on the Lord” this morning in
more ways than one, and always, His timing is perfect and our waiting
proved beneficial. We worshiped and prayed for God to work through and
in us. We had our local missionary leader teach us more about being
used of God with those whom we would come in contact.

As we started our day with a time of worship, prayer and focus, our
group grew with Jason and Kelly Freely (on a personal note, I must say
that never will I think of missionaries the same ever again. These
people are truly amazing!). Also Stacie and Arron Braes came to prepare
with us. Then God sent us four young translators with whom we’ve already
joined hearts in fellowship. There is simply no way to tell who is
growing and getting more out of this experience, them or us. But then,
that is what God can do, verdad?

We did get our luggage this afternoon so everyone is wearing clean
clothes now.

Our specific tasks today included delivering flyers to homes and
apartments directing people to a powerful evangelical website (see We passed out several thousand. Later, we did
music surveys with those on the street, ending with an invitation to our
major evangelistic event on Tuesday. 5 teams took 92 surveys. About 25
said they would attend Tuesday evening. We met people by the hundreds
and the majority were engaging and receptive to our message.

Our musicians played in an local restaurant and Jason and Wayne spoke to
those eating. They both spoke to a couple for over 45 minutes. Through
circumstances, God had prepared their hearts and they want to meet in a
small group bible study. Gustavo and his wife Maria are hungry to
learn more of God’s love and provision. And Jim and Gary have generated
quite a buzz in the barrio!

We learned today that our permit was approved for using the Plaza
Echeverria on Sunday. Amen! We were trusting God to carry this
through. We have seen God work in so many ways.

Tomorrow will be more of connecting with Argentines, and looking for the
Lord’s direction, of course.

Hasta manana, que Dios te bendiga,

Terri Tiedt & Wayne Graham

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