Missions Day 2 – Saturday April 18

Today we continued our efforts to draw people to the Tuesday evening event through the music survey. Again we saw a positive response from young and old as they were pleasantly surprised that someone might want to share in conversation and offer a smile rather than bombard them with an attempted sale or gimmick.

In addition to the music survey, we had groups on the street spreading the word with fliers about our plaza event for Sunday afternoon. As one of the local missionaries would say, we have a “three-pronged approach to our evangelism.” Our musicians will use their talents to draw people, some will manage the family Bible raffle table, and the remainder will spend time loving the littlest of these through creatively telling Bible stories with story related fun activities. At the end of the official “program” time, all of our team and local missionaries will be following the Lord’s leading to see who He would have us engage in spiritual conversation. We know God has prepared hearts to be ready to hear the gospel.

For our lunch time we took a little collectivo adventure, caught the bus down to Chacarita and spent some time visiting the area where past teams have worked. We spent some time in the Chacarita Cemetery and before we left had a sweet time of worship in the small chapel. It was an acoustic opportunity that Wayne could not pass up, but was also a great time for us to lift our voices to the Lord and sing His praises. There was a crucifix in the chapel, so, as it is Catholic tradition, people would cross themselves as they passed by, but would linger to watch as we sang. We concluded our time proclaiming, “I serve a risen Savior; he lives within my heart.”

We went back to surveys and announcing the plaza event tomorrow. Over 100 surveys were done today. All received an invitation to the Tuesday evangelistic event, and many said they would attend.

Tonight our musician presented two programs. They have done extremely well in relating to the Argentine people. This has led to many committed to coming on Tuesday evening.

Sunday we will attend church with Kelli and Jason Frealy and participate and lead in the service. We have much to praise HIM for.

God has blessed us with excellent weather for tomorrow afternoon’s outside event in the Plaza Echeverria. We are prayed up and organizationally prepared to flex to the opportunities of the day.

Things to pray for: attendance of Argentines at the park.
many to sign up for the bible give away.
a strong presentation of the gospel message at the conclusion.
and bold follow up right then whom the Lord lead us to.

It will be a full day, but in Buenos Aires they all seem packed with many activities.
God has sustained us. He has lead us. He had provided for us. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

A song we have learned while on our trip that God continues to minister through:

Speak to me. Speak to me.
Through your word, Through spirit
Through your Words of life.
Speak to me. Speak to me.
I am listening, I am waiting. Speak to me.

Que Dios le bendiga until next time,

Amber King and Wayne Graham, contributors

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