Missions Day 3 April 19 – Sunday Was Glorious

Around 915, our group of 12 loaded into 4 ramis (private taxis) and headed to church. We walked in the door and we became friends with the Igelsia Bautisa in Peurrydon, a neighboring barrio. We worshipped and sang for almost an hour, and then Jason Frealy introduced Jim and Gary. They played two tango tunes that were captivating. Everyone loved it. Then Wayne got up and asked the congregation if they would try English, if we sang in Spanish. It was beautiful. Before we got to the chorus a second time, the entire group was singing. Hable me’, Hable me’. Por tu palabra, Por tu espiritu, Por tu palabras de vida. It was simply something the Lord took, blessed and fed our souls.

God was present. Daryl King even learned to clap in Spanish! A sweet time in worship.

The pastor then preach and our translators were busy helping us hear the word of the Lord through him. BTW – We have one translator from Romanian, one from Canadian, one from Bolivian and one from Michigan.

After a quick bite of lunch it was to the Plaza Echeverria. The weather was completely clear. Not a cloud in the sky and we praised God. We knew there was the Superbowl of soccer being played at 3 PM. But we were prepared to meet whomever God had sent to meet us.

We had about 15 younger children participate in stories and games. And their parents got to hear the gospel using the evangelcube. Hanging on every word. 25 signed up for the bible raffle. 4 or 5 of these families were extremely interested in the gospel and we spoke with them. 2 families were connected to the pastor from Aposento Church, Enrique.

“Praise God”, one parent commented, “You have changed this park,” and ASKED, “How can I get this? What do I have to do to be saved?” The lady who won the family Bible raffle told two on our team, “This is truly a gift from God.” Amen!

After the music was completed, the children’s games were over and the bible drawing completed, all team members went to meet everyone in the park and present the hope we have in Christ. We all shared God’s truth with many – people of many religions and some with no religion, faith or hope at all Two prayed to receive Christ! One woman told her story of suicide attempts, abusive relationships and utter hopelessness. She also prayed to receive Christ and wants to hear more about how she can connect with others in her community to learn more about the Lord through His Word. And there was Alexandra who also prayed to receive Christ. They are two of many we will be following up with today!

There were many more conversations that were significant. The truth of God was planted on this day. And we were thrilled with the open reception there was for the Word of God. We met some evangelistic catholics. We met a group of 3 post modern 28 year olds that were completely comfortable talking to Wayne about their beliefs of moral relativism. And we met those whom they knew they had a need for a Savior but were not prepared of God to receive His gift of salvation. It was a GREAT day the Lord used.

We came back to our meeting room and debriefed. As we concluded, we had Jason stand in the middle of our room and we poured out our prayers and our hearts over him and the work here in Urquiza. We were all crying because we were moved by the Holy Spirit and had compassion.

God is so good and we are so blessed to have had the experiences of the day. We serve an awesome God.
Wayne Graham, writing

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