Missions Day 4 April 20 – Monday Hola’ desde Buenos Aires,

Monday was another great day in Buenos Aires. We have met more folks doing music surveys and have completed over 250! In asking these 5 simple questions we have been able to lead into spiritual discussions and invite all to our final event tomorrow evening. More about that shortly.

This afternoon several of the group met with Jason to discuss all the details for tomorrow evening. Our anticipation of what God will do is growing. More about that shortly.

This evening we took our evening meal with many of the Buenos Aires IMB missionaries at the home of Kelli and Jason Frealy. A great time of fellowship finished up with a great time of prayer. Mighty prayer. There is such important work to be done here.

Also this evening one of our translators, Lavina, called 8 ladies from the bible give-a-way and set up 7 appointments. In total, we will be at 8 homes, taking them a bible and sharing our faith about a loving Heavenly Father. Pray for us. Pairs of our group will each be at two of these homes tomorrow. On the hour from 10 AM til 4 PM, and then again at 5:30.

We will also be tabulating the results from the music survey to share tomorrow evening, as well as passing out fliers for the “Esperanza” movie.

Now what to pray for: We serve an awesome infinite God who is mighty to save and able to do more than we hope or imagine. That is what we are praying for. The Argentine way is to often be polite and say “yes” with no real commitment to follow through. But we all feel different about this. We know we have talked to and invited over 350 individuals to tomorrow’s presentation. The little restaurant holds about 35-40. But it has a very wide sidewalk in front and Aposento Church, that has 30 chairs, is less than 100 yards away. We are making plans for more than this little place will hold.

Our guys will play six songs. Four individuals will share what God has done, weaving in scripture to their life-change story. Then the entire team of 12 will serve those who come a comida libre (free meal) of pizza and postres (dessert). As we serve food we will begin conversations and then have the opportunity to turn those conversations to spiritual ones.

Our goal? Not to have many in attendance; but to be used of God. Will you join us in prayer for mighty things? Many of us will be fasting during the day. We will begin our prayer time here at 6:30 PM, (4:30 CST). The event will begin at 8 PM, (6 PM CST). We are prayed up and a sense the Holy Spirit power is clear to us.

May He be praised and pleased in all that occurs.

Wayne Graham

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