Missions Day 5 April 21- Tuesday and Conclusions

We visited 7 folks at their homes.

God answered prayers for Tuesday’s event at the pizzeria “La Nueva Vereda.” We hoped for big things and God did not disappoint. We arrived at Aposento at 6:30 to gather for prayer. God prepared our hearts and raised our anticipation.

A few families arrived early. By 8:15, all coming were present. And that is when we started the program. Between songs they heard testimonies from the 2 musicians and 2 other team members. The testimonies were a bit about the music, but mostly how Christ had changed their lives. Gary, Jim, Amber and Terri shared about their lives and the difference Christ had made.

There were a total of 50 who attended. Within this number were approximately 18 Argentines in attendance who did not know the Lord. These people became aware of the event in 4 different ways:

1. Music surveys on the streets – 278 were completed and many led to significant spiritual discussions

2. Our Plaza event on Sunday where we shared the gospel with several hundred, 2 were saved and we gave away a family bible.

3. Concerts in local establishments with Jim and Gary, (which was a wide net.)

4. And finally, one guy just came to eat pizza without realizing an event was taking place, but stayed and was impacted.

After the program there was pizza and drinks for everyone. Along with NRHBC volunteers & IMB missionaries, a dozen or so Argentine Christians came to help. The result was a blessing from God. When it was time to eat, every table had a Christian sitting down to engage lost attendees. And each one received a bible.

Several of our group had spiritual conversations during the eating/fellowship time. Though no one expressed an immediate desire to convert, seeds were planted and there is great potential for ongoing relationships that will yield fruit in God’s timing. Several familes were connected to the pastor at Aposento, the local baptist church, one block from the pizzaria. All were invited to a showing of Fireproof the following Tuesday, April 28, at Aposento. Enrique, the attorney who is the pastor of Aposento, will distribute the remaining color-copy invitations (for the movie showing) Sunday, April 26, on the sidewalk in front of the church.

It is noteworthy that practically everyone involved in event found their niche and worked at it. The NRHBC volunteers, the Word of Life translators, the IMB missionaries, and the national Christians all “chipped in” to leave a positive affirmation of their faith with the non-believers. Even the pizzas were served up hot by the NRHBC team, and this “served” as conversation starters!

In the days to come, Jason and Kelli will be seeking one-on-one meetings with some of the attendees, as well as sending broad reminders about the movie showing Tuesday to all who gave their contact information. We were very pleased with the turnout and the reception of the testimonies. May God grant us specific re-encounters with these folks who need to respond to the Gospel!

Jason and Kelli will also follow up with the two that found salvation in Christ at the park, and names from the bible give-away. Jason will also be presenting a home security presentation to the couple met at Plaza de Carmen. This couple is hungry to learn more of the Lord, and completely dissatisfied with the catholic church.

Wednesday the group rode the Tren De La Costa and saw beautiful things on the Plata River. After a day of seeing the sights it was off the airport to go home, by way of Miami. This time all the bags made the complete journey with the group! Smooth travel.

God touched our hearts in wonderful ways. We saw God brings things to pass and we were able to praise Him for it all. Our faith and trust was strengthened. We were all able to see what God is doing in Buenos Aires. It was an extreme privilege and blessing to represent our Savior in this effort.

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