Day One of June ABBA Mission Team

The Lord was faithful as the team arrived safe and sound yesterday morning in Buenos Aires. After dropping off our luggage at the hotel, and before our rooms were available, the team went to Recoleta Cemetery. This cemetery is famous for the ornate mausoleums as well as the famous people buried in them such as Eva Peron (Evita).

We then enjoyed our first meal at the Kentucky restaurant near our hotel.

The rest of the afternoon was spent recovering from our overnight flight.

In the late afternoon, four translators from a Word of Life Bible College arrived. This includes two translators who helped on previous trips – Tiby and LaVenilla.

At 7 PM, three local missionaries led a short orientation for the team, explaining about evangelism in a catholic and post-modern context. Then we finished the night at Plaza Carmen restaurant.

Today will consist of visiting contacts from previous trips. We will be inviting them to a Bible study, tomorrow (Sunday) night, at a restaurant in our barrio. The goal of this Bible study is to encourage relationship building in order to start a house church. I am very excited that the lead missionary in Buenos Aires, will be leading this meeting. Pray that our previous contacts will be interested in coming and will be willing to start a local community of faith.

In just the last couple weeks, the government passed a law moving the national congress elections from November to Sunday! Also, they made it mandatory to vote. Therefore, it is illegal to have any public gathering, other than church, on Sunday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

Therefore, we decided to play it safe and we moved the Bible “raffle” to this afternoon. We will be at a park in our barrio at 3 PM (1 PM in Texas) using the Bible raffle to discover people interested in the Bible. Monday through Wednesday we will be following up with those who signed up for the Bible in order to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Please pray that over 50 people will sign up for the Bible & that they will be willing for us to follow up with them and will receive the gospel message.

Thank you for your prayers.


First meal for the team at Kentucky Restaurant

First meal for the team at Kentucky Restaurant

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