June ABBA Mission team – Day 2

The day started off well in Javier and my hotel room at 10:30 for a time of prayer and preparation.

The priority of the day was the 3 PM Bible raffle, which set the bookend for the day’s agenda. Between the morning meeting and the raffle we were able to follow up with some of our contacts from previous trips and we needed to eat lunch.

I went with Shari and Uma (translator) as a team. We met a man, Hector Ortiz, who recently became a believer and plans to be baptized soon. Actually, when we met him he said he was a Christian. I gave him a bible and shared my faith story concluding with, “I am certain that when I die I will go to heaven. Do you have the same assurance?” And he did! He said he was also 100% sure because he has accepted Jesus as savior and Lord. It was a pretty cool conversation.

His church is about 17 blocks from his home. When we expressed our desire to see a church started in Villa Ortuzar Hector was interested and committed to come to our meeting tomorrow night.

We also spent about 30 minutes with Arminda. It was a sweet visit and she plans to come tomorrow night as well. We are praying for good weather so that the people we meet will be without excuse.

The Bible raffle went well as we had 22 people sign up for the family Bible. The translators called tonight so that we can follow up with all those who were interested in the family Bible, offer them a smaller Bible, and share the gospel.

Sue Martin with a shy little girl during the Bible Raffle

Sue Martin with a shy little girl during the Bible Raffle

We ended the day eating pizza in the hotel and going out for ice cream. I had my iPod and wowed everyone with pictures of Parker.

Everyone is doing well and having a good experience being on mission for God.

I feel more confident than ever that what we are doing here is good work. I am just ready for God to bless it by creating a church where there was none.

Pray for the mission team tomorrow that we will be able to follow up with many of the contacts from previous trips and invite them to the Bible Study tomorrow night.

Pray for good weather that people will be without an excuse to skip the meeting.

Pray for God to send the right people to the meeting – those willing and interested to start a house church, whether that number is 5 or 45.

Pray for the meeting, that one of the local missionaries will effectively communicate the need for and lead people to a house church in Villa Ortuzar.

Thank you for your prayers, they are a blessing to us!

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