Jesucristo es la esperanza para Villa Ortuzar

As I reflect on the day, I am so impressed with how God uses his people to transform a community.

I went out again with Shari – she is going to get to upgrade her team when the Pastor arrives tomorrow from the lowly missions guy. 🙂

First we visited Javier Romero. It was a sweet time of fellowship with him. Javier was a minister but his wifed cheated on him and divorced him. His church fired him for being divorced. Until we met with him last February he avoided church and neglected his relationship with Christ. You can tell he has grow a lot since we last spoke with him. We shared maté and it was Shari’s first time to have maté in an Argentine’s home. I set an appointment to go back and visit Javier with the pastor.

My team then split up as we had two appointments. The NRHBC teams had a total of 6 appointments today from the Bible raffle. One of the translators and I, Uma, went to visit one gentleman that we had an appointment with. It was an interesting meeting. He believes that after people die their soul remains on the earth. I shared my faith story and the plan of salvation with him, but he wasn’t too interested. I encouraged him to read the Bible we gave him and to think about what really happens when we die. A seed was planted that hopefully someone else can see come to fruition.

It is always a blessing to share the gospel, but difficult when it is ignored.

This afternoon, your mom and I met three others who we set appointments with – Iker, who I led to Christ in February, and two others – one who met Lydia Pedroza and another who met Charlie Nelson.

By this point it was time for our Bible Study meeting. I was very nervous, just praying that the Holy Spirit would prompt people to come and be interested in forming a new church. Eventually, 11 Argentines showed up from 5 families. (they don’t have the same sense of promptness as gringos). A local missionary, led the Bible Study. I think he did well as it was entirely in Spanish. 🙂 I concluded the meeting with a plea to start a house church. This is NRHBC’s 11th trip, and we have a passionate desire to see a house church started. We currently have another Bible study going, but it is not open to new people so we can’t call it a church.

Everyone at the meeting was interested in starting a new church. Hopefully this interest was genuine & they will return next Sunday. In the meeting two teenagers came to faith in Christ. All in all it was a great evening!

After the meeting, the team went out to eat for Chinese food We have a fun team as everyone was goofing on each other.

Debbie told a great story. Her team includes Javier Alvarez from NRHBC and LaVenilla, a translator. They were at the Jumbo (a Target style store) in order to go to the cafe to drink something warm to help them recover from the cold. Just after walking into the store, they felt convicted that God wanted them to leave the store and finish visiting their contacts from the previous trips. As they turned around they met a woman who remembered the team from yesterday in the park. She said that she had a lot of questions and wanted to talk about God. So they went to the cafe in Jumbo, shared the gospel, and the woman prayed to receive Christ! If they hadn’t turned around at that moment, they may not have ran into her. God is good and it can use his people to do amazing things when they follow his leading.

Please pray for:

the Pastor as he travels and arrives Monday morning. Pray that the travel is safe and the recovery is swift.
Pray for the three new believers – that they will grow in their faith.

Pray for the families who went to the Bible study tonight. That they will remain committed to starting a house church in Villa Ortuzar.

Pray for our appointments tomorrow that we have open hearts and open ears ready to receive the gospel.

God Bless,


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