Lunes means Monday in Argentina

We had a pretty good day on Monday, it was much more relaxed. Sunday proved to be pretty hectic with the teams having several appointments, then we needed to follow up with people from previous trips to invite them to the Bible study, and then having the Bible study itself.

My day started off early, picking Pastor Tommy up from the airport. Finding PT and getting back to the hotel was easy. We then went straight into the morning devotional session with our team giving excellent reports about what God had done through them on Saturday and Sunday. I think everyone is really enjoying the mission trip and were excited about how God used them.

Tommy rested after lunch while the rest of the teams followed up with folks. I went with Shari again as we went about trying to follow up with folks. On Monday we were able to set several appointments for Tuesday (today) – we are supposed to meet a family in the squatter’s house, meet with Iker who came to faith in March, and meet with Javier tonight.

Also, we had an appointment yesterday (Monday) who was very interested in talking further, but needed to go pick up his wife from work. We set an appointment with him for today. His name is Marcos. I’m planning to take Tommy and hopefully PT will have an opportunity to share the gospel with him.

Tommy and I had dinner with the leader of the IMB mission team in Buenos Aires. We had a great conversation about making our partnership succeed and be more strategic about reaching Argentines and starting churches in Villa Ortuzar. Our original partnership in Buenos Aires ends this coming December, and we are trying to discern if God is leading us to continue the partnership.

Tonight we are going to dinner at the Brays. They are a fun new missionary couple. We should have a good time of fellowship.

Please Pray for:

Marcos – that he will be receptive to the gospel.

The appointments our teams have – that those with non-believers will result in new believers and that those with believers will give us an opportunity to encourage them in faith.

The meeting tomorrow night – Javier Alvarez, from NRHBC, is a former amateur national champ of boxing of the US. He will be sharing about his career and sharing his testimony. Pray that he is able to communicate the gospel in a manner that will connect with Argentines. Also, we are hoping that 25 to 30 show up – please pray that God will bring many more to the meeting.

God Bless,


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