Tuesday was a good day

At the beginning of the day a couple of our teams had early appointments. So we sent them off with a prayer and in a taxi.

Again I worked with Shari, this time adding Pastor Tommy to the mix. I wanted Tommy to meet Arminda, an 80+ lady who has a heart for God and for a church in Villa Ortuzar. We were able to pray for her 79 year old neighbor who is in need of work. I can’t imagine being his age and still working to earn a living.

Next we went to visit Iker, a young man who came to faith in March. Our plan was to work a discipleship lesson with him. Just after getting started, his entire family joined in – his mom, two of his sisters and a nephew. It was a great discussion as some of them misunderstood the scriptures, thinking that baptism is mandatory for salvation.

After the meeting we had to say goodbye to two of the translators who needed to head back to the Word of Life institute. Both are still students and one of them had to take a test on Wednesday.

Next we went to an appointment, but the gentleman wasn’t home. I hope to follow up with him today as on Monday he seemed interested in the gospel. Hopefully, he hasn’t been convinced otherwise in the meantime.

Next we had a short visit with Irma – a lady we met about a year ago. We were able to pray with her over some family problems. She said that she has the gift of evangelism. I told here we needed her help to start the church in Villa Ortuzar & she was very interested.

After th rest of the team went to the home of some local missionaries, Aaron and Stacie Bray, Tommy, Nestor (a translator) and I went to the home of Javier. We were able to spend over an hour with Javier encouraging him as he is being restored to the faith. It was an excellent time of fellowship. At the conclusion he and Tommy were teary-eyed as Javier told us he thinks of us as his pastors.

We concluded the night at the Brays. The team was able to enjoy some empanadas and the company of several missionaries, such as the Brays and the Sosas.

Wednesday night is an important meeting for the week. We have been encouraging people to come to a restaurant in our Barrio to hear the testimony of one of our church members – a former amateur heavyweight boxing champ. We hope many will come, hear the gospel and respond. Please pray for tonight.

God Bless,


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