Dios nos bendiga

My team met up with Iker again – we went through lesson three. It is a blessing to be around a young man who came to faith in March and is now eager to grow.

The team went next to Chacarita Cemetery. It is a large cemetery with many ornate mausoleums.

We then had to say some hard goodbyes to Tiby and Nestor, two of our translators. They did and excellent job this week and were a joy to be around. Tiby is from Romania and is a student at the Word of Life Bible institute. Nestor is from El Salvador and is a missionary with Word of Life.

Last night we held our meeting for those interested in hearing Javier Alvarez, a former US amateur heavy weight champ and a member at NRHBC, share his testimony. We were blessed to see how many showed up to the meeting – ultimately about 45 Argentines, in addition to the 8 from NRHBC and the 5 missionaries. Javier did an excellent job sharing his story and we finished the night encouraging everyone to come back on Sunday to a Bible study that has the goal of starting a new church.

It was an excellent way to finish off a mission trip – it made all the miles of walking worth it. Our prayer is for God to use it to start a new church in Villa Ortuzar.

Today we have a day of tourism before we head to the airport. Thank you for your prayers and please pray for a swift and safe trip home.


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2 Responses to Dios nos bendiga

  1. Trip sounds like it went great. It’s exciting to see the possibility of planting a church too. Fantastic job, God was obviously at work!

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