Greetings from Buenos Aires,

So far all the turbulence has been prior to our actual trip. Due to passport complications, we made a personnel-switch the morning before we flew out of DFW. Since then everything has been relatively smooth. We arrived Friday morning and met up with Aaron and Stacie Bray (long-term missionaries) who helped us get familiar with our surroundings. Nestor, Lavinia, and Felipe (translators) joined us Friday afternoon. We had our team-orientation that evening and then hit the sack.

Lucas @ soccer school.

Lucas @ soccer school.

We held a Bible raffle Saturday afternoon and generated several new contacts. Our strategy was to draw attention to ourselves and then encourage people to sign up for a chance to win a free family Bible. How did we draw attention? Check out the photos and you will see Carolyn puppeteering, Theresa singing, Susan clowning,

Clowing around for the gospel.

Clowing around for the gospel.

and Lucas getting schooled in soccer by a grade school kid. Anita also drew caricatures of children and had an opportunity to meet another artist in the park who was sketching landscape. He actually ended up winning the Bible.

Saturday evening we called everybody we met in the park in an attempt to set up an appointment to come visit them and bring them a copy of the New Testament. We also called dozens of people that previous mission teams have met in hopes of visiting them as well. So far we have 7 appointments with many more people to call again tomorrow afternoon.

Did you notice the picture with the 2 beds side by side? Unfortunately my hotel room does not have enough space to separate them. I only hope neither Lucas nor I roll over in our sleep. I’m not sure, but I think Mark Spence had something to do with this arrangement…

Derek and Lucas sleeping arrangements

Always keep on praying.


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