Monday – July, 27. To God be the Glory.

Lucas, Lavinia, and I had a 9:00 am appointment with Veronica from the Bible raffle, but she would not come to the door. She sent her husband Gustavo to the door to take the Bible from us. We managed to prolong the conversation with him long enough to set up a Bible study with him tomorrow morning at a nearby coffee shop.

Early in the afternoon we all taxi’d to the park to begin our security surveys. The survey questions not only lead into an invitation to Thursday night’s security chat, but they also lead into spiritual conversations right then. I’ve attached a picture of Lucas and Lavinia praying with Rosa who accepted Christ in the park this morning.

Leading Rosa to the Faith

Leading Rosa to the Faith

She was deeply impacted from Scripture as she realized for the first time that sin separates her from God and good works do not solve the problem.

We all knocked on a bunch of doors of contacts from previous teams but have very little to report from that effort. We returned to the park for the last hour of daylight and struck up a 4-on-4 soccer game with some pretty talented young guys. They are rough around the edges, and it was good to bond with them through sport. We also saw them yesterday and hope to continue investing in them this week.

To God be the glory.


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