Sunday, July 26

We began Sunday by attending a church service in a neighboring barrio. Aside from the language, most things were reminiscent of NRHBC. The music leaders had even translated one of the praise songs they had learned from Wayne Graham, the NRHBC worship minister, (“Speak to me”) and incorporated it into their music set. It was refreshing to be part of corporate worship on the other side of the globe. I was given a few minutes to let the congregation know about our mission efforts and to request prayer.

The body of Christ can share in worship no matter the language.

The body of Christ can share in worship no matter the language.

In the afternoon we finished making calls and set up 3 more appointments for the week. Then, we taxi’d to the area where the Bible study would take place. We finished flyering the neighborhood and waited to see who would come. While several had indicated they would, we only had 3 young boys show up. We shared the gospel with them before they left  and then proceeded to have our Bible study even though we were just a collection of missionaries.

Carolyn, Susan, and Nestor left for our first appointment of the week. When they returned, they had a glow about them as they explained their visit. Patricia was not home, but her brother Ignacio came to the door. As he expressed some troubles he was having in life, the team shared about the hope he could have in Christ. Ignacio prayed to receive Christ and then asked if they could return on Thursday to tell his girlfriend about Christ. He also encouraged them to follow-up again with his sister.

The Lord reigns. Let the people rejoice.


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