Meeting with Veronica – Wednesday, July 29

My team had a encouraging time with a young lady named Veronica. She was actually eager for us to come by and see her. After we walked for 40 minutes to the south side of Chacarita Cemetery, we realized that the part of the street she lives on is on the north side of the cemetery where we had been 40 minutes earlier. Oops. Once we were in the right place, we went over some discipleship material with Veronica and urged her to connect in a regular Bible study group.

The teams also concentrated some time in a park giving away candy and baloons to children. This gave us additional time with the parents to share with them and invited them to an event we are hosting Thursday night. Lavinia had the opportunity to lead Yolanda to faith in Christ. As it turns out, Yolanda was a previous contact who had heard the gospel from us before.

We said good-bye to Lavinia and Felipe and then had dinner at Jason and Kelly’s house along with Aaron, Stacie, …all missionary families here. The sweet tea was a welcome treat as was the fellowship. We miss everyone back home, but our brothers and sisters here have rolled out the red carpet for us. Please keep praying for the ministry here. We have one full day remaining.


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