Tuesdays are for Evangelism

Tuesday was full of opportunity for evangelism and discipleship. My team had a lengthy chat with Gustavo. He is wrestling with the age-old dilemna of the problem of evil. How could God be just when so many bad things happen to “innocent” people/children? We shared the gospel and tried to address the issue of justice, but he seemed unphased. May the Lord continue to work in him…

I attached a picture of Susan witnessing to a lady in the park. The lady was so appreciative of the Bible and eager to read it. Theresa and Anita had 3 very encouraging appointments today. One of them was with a family in a very impoverished area. Esmerelda says she is hungry for more discipleship.

After our evening debriefing session we decided to splurge a bit and travel out to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. This will be the last dinner we have with all 3 of our translators. We had a blast as you can probably tell from the attached picture of Carolyn and Susan. It was so fun and so late in the night that we all started getting a bit loopy (and cold).

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