Updates on Small Groups

Below is an update I received from our partner missionaries in Buenos Aires.

Due to regional regulations with the IMB, I have changed names to initials.

1.  Monday nights at A’s

Typically, A and a changing handful of S’s kids meet each Monday.  S has not herself attended for a while, although with a sick 2-year-old (pneumonia) she isn’t really getting out much.  They did find a new place to live (at significant distance from Villa Ortuzar), but on the day they were scheduled to move the price was raised and the move fell through.

2.  Wednesday nights at H and G’s

This group has successfully met three times, but each of those three has been positive.  Last week G seemed to renew her interest in hosting the group, and I came along.  Though shaky, this group does have promise.

(Side note: Standing in line at the local butcher shop last week, JL heard I talking about something “religious.”  Though they had never met, he approached her and asked her if she was a Christian.  They began to talk, and she asked him where he went to church.  He answered that he met with a small group at a home with other couples, including a North American couple.  I immediately asked if it was J.  Long story short, she expressed interest in coming to the group.  The following day, J ran into her on the way to H and G’s house.  They talked, and she ended up accompanying him to that group meeting.  Neat, huh?)

3.  Friday nights at F’s or J L’s

Going great!  JL and M seem genuinely committed to the group, even hosting at their apartment.  Their friends E and G usually attend.  For the first time in several weeks, J and C attended this past Friday.  The Friday before that, another new couple (A and D) attended.  We continue hoping that J will genuinely return to faith and that C and M will be saved.  A and D are both completely lost and we sincerely hope they’ll come again (and again).

4.  Potential at Charlone 1645

This is the little “community” one block from the plaza where S used to live (I know you’ve visited there several times).  This coming Friday morning at 10 am we are supposed to meet with E, a 20-year-old mother who lives there.  She seems genuinely open to a regular meeting.  We are hopeful that a new group will form, beginning with E and her husband LJ and mother-in-law R.

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