Small Groups Update

Friday nights: Our Friday group this past week went GREAT! JL and M continue to surprise us with their growth in faith, E and G continue to provide excellent counsel as fellow believers, and A and D came to the meeting for the second time!! (This is quite a big step for them.) The meeting lasted until 2 in the morning, and we hit some great conversation. This Friday, we have invited an Argentine family serving God in Central Asia to come and share about their work. Please pray that eyes would be opened to God’s sovereign work all over the planet, and pray especially that God would lead these families to support this work.

Wednesday nights and C1645: Last week, G and her friend M met and discussed their frustration at how they invite so many friends and neighbors to the group and no one comes. At C1645, we went back to visit last week and were not even allowed in. These barriers are discouraging. However, M lives at C1645!  Even if we can’t get in, she can.  Please pray for these two ladies–they have access to people we can’t get to, and they have the desire to share. We hope to help them learn how to reach their friends and neighbors.
Thank you for praying for these specific requests.
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