Small Groups Update – the week of September 20.

Friday nights: Thank you for praying last week for our Friday group. Our meeting with the Argentine Christian who works in Central Asia went really great! Our two regular couples, JL &  M and E & G, seemed genuinely impacted to hear what was said and expressed interest in giving to support this family. We have been hoping they would learn the blessing of giving! In addition, JL’s 11-year-old son N and his friend P, M’s parents (D and A), and a lady named A attended! Now, we are asking you to pray specifically that M’s parents D and A would have a God-given desire to continue attending the Friday meetings.

Wednesday nights at G’s: Thank you for praying for G and M. Our Wednesday meeting at G’s house was very positive — she very clearly laid out her desire to see friends and neighbors come to Christ. G agreed to bring M and meet one morning this week with Kelli and Stacie (a fellow team member) to talk specifically about how to reach friends and family. This week, we will probably talk about prayer–praying for lost friends and family, prayer-walking in the neighborhood, etc. Our hope is that this will become a regular meeting to train these two ladies in reaching their circles of influence. Please pray this week for firm commitment to this task. Please also pray that someone Gabriela invites will come to the Wednesday meeting–this will be a tremendous encouragement for her!

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