Outcome of the Ladies’ Tea

The following is a conglomeration of emails from Stacie and Kelli:

Sunday’s tea went really well.  Thank you for the prayers for the outreach!  Five women came: Alicia, Melixsa, Gabriela, Milena, and Jenifer (Jenifer is one of Gabriela’s adult stepdaughters).  Out of these 5 women, 4 are non-Christians.  Alicia, especially, was deeply impacted.

The ladies from California did a wonderful job and it was a very comfortable, authentic environment.  They shared many testimonies and had a neat Gospel presentation that fit in perfectly at the end.  We only wish more had been able to hear their presentation!

We invited the five to return next Sunday to talk together about what it means to be a woman of influence.  They were encouraged to bring a friend/family member with them.  Please pray for next week’s follow-up.

What’s interesting is that these five ladies are people with whom we already have relationships.  Despite personally inviting all the others, none of them came.  It’s another confirmation that in BA, relationships are KEY.  Now we just have to see the people we DO know saved and discipled to be able to reach their own relationships.

We are confident that God is sovereign over Villa Ortuzar.  His ways are just not our ways.

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