Connecting with Mis Amigos

I am blessed to bring a good friend of mine, Cole Hedgecock, to Buenos Aires.  Cole is the associate pastor at FBC Jenks, Oklahoma – just outside of Tulsa.  We have been friends since childhood.  Cole has several family connects at North Richland Hills Baptist Church – his grandparents are L.H. and Anne Coleman.  His parents are Joe and Carolyn Hedgecock, who attend Dawson Granade’s Sunday Morning Bible Study class.  And his sister, her husband and two kids attend NRHBC as well.

We left DFW last night, arriving in Buenos Aires this morning.  A wonderful church member gave me an upgrade to business class, while poor Cole was stuck in coach.  (although he did have a bulk head seat)  Fortunately, Cole fought through his weariness as we hit the ground running today.

Aaron Bray, a missionary with the IMB,  picked us up at the airport and fortunately our room was ready when we arrived.  Both of us rested for a couple hours then went to lunch at the Plaza del Carmen – Cole enjoyed his first Argentine empanadas.  A must for anyone who travels to Argentina.

Nestor, our translator, arrived at 3:30.  Thankfully, he came ready to work because as soon as he arrived we headed out the door.

Our goal today was to visit several of our friends in Villa Ortuzar to invite them to a soccer watching party on Sunday in a restaurant in our barrio.  There is a game between major rivals (called a “super-classico” in Spanish).  My first goal for the party is to further develop relationships with our friends.  My second goal is to encourage them to understand that our faith is one to be shared in community – just like teammates need each other, the church needs each other.

We visited about 8 homes – connecting with about 6 people to invite them.  The first person we visited was Javier, who invited us back to his home later this afternoon.  So after making a big circle in the barrio, we headed back to visit Javier.  Cole had his first drink of mate, another Argentine must, and we were there for about an hour to an hour and a half.  We have plans to visit him again on Tuesday.

Already for Monday we have three appointments (Arminda, Esmerelda and her husband Lucas, and Ignacio) and the one with Javier on Tuesday.  We should be able to stay busy.

For dinner we enjoyed the company of Aaron and Stacie.  They took us to an authentic Argentine restaurant where I had a great dish – spinach stuffed chicken.  It was excellent.

In the morning, we will be attending a local Baptist church and in the afternoon, at 5 PM here – 2 PM at home.

Cole has a blog if you want to visit and hear his perspective –

What you can pray for:

  • Our soccer watching party tomorrow – that our friends will come and understand the need for believers to live in community.
  • That we have a restful couple of nights as God has a lot in store for us the next few days.
  • As we connect with friends through our appointments on Monday and Tuesday we can encourage them towards attending or starting house churches.


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One Response to Connecting with Mis Amigos

  1. Ben Tune says:

    I’m looking forward to my first trip. Praying for you guys!

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