Enjoying Argentina

I apologize for the lack of posts on this trip to Argentina – so here’s a run down of what we did yesterday and today.


In the morning we enjoyed worship at the local Baptist church that the Frealys attend. The service easily lasted two hours with about an hour of worship and an hour of preaching. (Here’s hoping Tommy and Wayne don’t get any new ideas about changing our worship services. πŸ™‚ )

This church is a couple barrios over from Villa Ortuzar. One thing that is encouraging about the local churches in Buenos Aires is that they have decided to partner together to prayer walk and reach out to every street in the Capital Federal. (Buenos Aires proper) It is exciting that the local church is catching the vision to reach Buenos Aires for Christ. I believe the outreach is called, β€œWe are instruments of reconciliation.”

The Frealys invited us to lunch – each IMB missionary in BsAs has a passion to reach the city for Christ. We also enjoyed Jason’s stories about being a cop for 5 years in Longview, Texas.

In the early evening we had a fellowship for our local friends in Villa Ortuzar to watch a soccer game and at half-time I shared my faith story. Only 4 showed up, but it was still enjoyable.

After that game, Cole, Nestor and I headed out to watch the River Plate game live at their stadium. It was an incredible experience – their fans never stopped singing, jumping and cheering their team to victory. Any sports fan would be impressed by their passion.

Passionate Fans of River Plate

Today we met with Esmerelda and Lucas for a bible study. They live in impoverished conditions, but warmly welcomed us into their home.

Tomorrow we are meeting with Esmerelda and Lucas again, and we also have appointments with Javier and Iker.

Please pray for each meeting tomorrow. I am hoping to especially encourage Iker to start reaching his friends and family with the gospel.

To read more on what we did today, check out http://colehedgecock.blogspot.com/

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