When on Mission a Very Busy Day is a Good Day

This morning Cole and I had breakfast with the lead missionary in BsAs to discuss the state of our partnership in Villa Ortuzar and to discuss the potential of renting an apartment. The hotel we stay in is nice – and getting nicer as it is undergoing substantial improvements. However, renting an apartment in our barrio would make strategic sense by providing a meeting place for Bible studies as long as it makes sense financially, logistically, etc. One piece missing would be if we had people in NRHBC (or in sister churches interested in partnering) who would be interested in living in our apartment in Villa Ortuzar in the times between mission teams. If you are interested, let me know.

After our meeting, I wanted to show Cole a tourist spot in Buenos Aires, so we went to Recoleta. We had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then visited the Recoleta Cemetery where Eva Peron (Evita) is buried.

We left the cemetery in time to make our follow up appointment with Lucas and Esmerelda. Cole led the Bible study on assurance of salvation with Nestor translating and Kelli Frealy joining us. Kelli has tried on several occasions to meet with Esmerelda with little avail…so we were glad she joined us.

After the Bible study we had a sweet time of prayer with Arminda. She has a burden to see her neighbors and friends grow in Christ. I left sufficient materials that if she did a Bible study just about every week with her neighbors that when I come back with a team in February, I could bring her further materials.

After a brief break at a cafe, we had a great visit with Javier and his wife. Javier has experienced some difficulties in life that has discouraged him in his faith journey. Cole had some difficult experiences as well and did a great job encouraging Javier to restart his relationship with Christ. Javier needs several brothers and sisters in Christ at NRHBC praying for him – that he may begin to pursue Christ with a passion that will permeate his family, friends and neighborhood.

Next, and now getting late, we were late for an appointment with Iker. We did a Bible study with Iker and his mom, Veridiana, in which we studied what it means for God to be the Lord of his life. In my interactions with Iker and his mom, they both seem hungry for growth, even asking details about when I return with a team so we can continue our studies. Pray that Iker and Veridiana are genuine and diligent in their pursuit of Christ. I would love to see these two become mature believers willing to open their home for a Bible study in which they invite several family members and friends. Nestor Torres, our translator who is a missionary with Palabra de Vida (Word of Life) exchanged cell phone numbers with Iker so that he could follow up with him and maybe even meet whenever Nestor is in the city.

By the time our Bible study was over, the team was famished. We enjoyed a great meal in a very Argentine manner by eating at 10 PM. Now it is late and time to go to bed.

Tomorrow we return to the states. Pray for Nestor, who has been a great translator that God would continue to do great things through him.

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