Mission Argentina – November Trip overview

As this trip approach, several who expressed interest in going had to drop out for one reason or another.  As a result, I encouraged those who could go to think towards going in February so that I could expose my friend, Cole Hedgecock, to the ABBA partnership.  Cole is an associate pastor at FBC Jenks, which is just outside Tulsa, Ok.  My hope is that Cole’s church could take a trip to Buenos Aires next year to help in the work in Villa Ortuzar.

Because it was just the two of us, I decided to make the trip a little shorter.  We left Friday, November 13, arriving early Saturday morning.  We didn’t have tim to rest and almost immediately headed out to our barrio – Villa Ortuzar.

Over the course of 3 days we had 7 appointments in Argentine’s homes.  Our goal for most of them was to further encourage them in their faith or to further encoruage them to host a Bible study in their home or both.

Cole was a great encouragement as his church is involved in a similar partnership in Athens, Greece.  They have taken several trips over the last couple years, but not once have been in an Athenian’s home.  This week we were in 4!

In Villa Ortuzar, there has been one Bible study that has consitently meet for the last year.  We have started several others only to see them fizzle out.  At times, this has been a source of great frustration for me.  Fortunately, God sent Cole to Buenos Aires to provide a perspective that God is actively involved and blessing our ministry.

Now, I can only hope to repay Cole the favor and go with him to Athens.   Check out Cole’s blog to read more about his perspective on our mission trip – http://colehedgecock.blogspot.com/

Please continue to pray for the work in Villa Ortuzar.  Pray for those we met with – Iker and Veridiana, Esmerelda and Lucas, Javier, and Arminda.  That God would call them into a deeper relationship with him and that God would convince them of the need to participate in the reaching of Villa Ortuzar for the gospel.

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