Small Group Weekly Update

Last week, Cole and I enjoyed visiting with a young couple, Lucas and Esmerelda, twice.  Both times we did a Bible study with them using discipleship materials that encourage new believers to interact with God’s word.

Here is a picture of one of those Bible Studies. 

Jason and Kelli sent an email with an update on their efforts to continue the discipleship of this young couple:

Esmeralda and Lucas: This very young couple (they’re the ones who live at C1645, if you remember) had two good meetings last week with our volunteers from NRHBC.   Kelli was able to join in one of the meetings.   Esmeralda has tentatively agreed to meet again Wednesday afternoon, but she hasn’t yet confirmed.
Please pray that Esmerelda will confirm the meeting, and that she and Lucas will be there.
Also, please ask God to show us the best way to handle this meeting and (hopefully) future ones: we can’t really take the kids with us, Kelli can’t go alone for security reasons, and Jason can’t go alone for propriety concerns. There is a solution; we just don’t know it yet!

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