Great Opportunity and a Matter for Prayer

In May of 2007, NRHBC sent a small group to scout out the Adopt a Barrio in Buenos Aires (ABBA) partnership with the International Mission Board.   The ABBA partnership facilitates a local church in America sending mission teams to a barrio or barrios in Buenos Aires – for the purposes of evangelism, discipleship and church planting.  The ultimate goal is to facilitate a church planting movement (for more on CPMs – check out this amazing resource by David Garrison by clicking here).

In 2007, the missions team in partnership with our pastor decided to tackle two barrios – Villa Ortuzar and Chacarita.

Since our initial mission trip in November of ’07, our mission teams have largely focused on Villa Ortuzar with some success that you can read about in previous posts on this blog (such as right here).  Over the last few weeks, an opportunity has developed that has exciting potential to reach Chacarita.

Potential Outreach Building in Chacarita!

Some time ago, there was a Baptist church in Chacarita in

which the leadership decided to close her doors.  The pastor of this church gave the keys to the church building to another church

– Iglesia Bautista Barrio Norte.

One of our IMB missionaries attends this church and has encouraged the leadership to partner with NRHBC to use this property as an outreach center for Chacarita.

I will be headed to Buenos Aires next week with a mission team.  On Saturday and Sunday, March 20-21, I will be meeting with the church to discuss the partnership.

Please pray for all of us involved to seek God in this decision.  It seems to be an excellent opportunity for the two churches to work together to reach the people of Chacarita.  Iglesia Bautista Barrio Norte has never been involved in an outreach or missions ministry – pray for this church to have a vision to reach Buenos Aires for the gospel.  Pray that I approach the church humbly and graciously – the opposite of what Americans tend to do!

Thank you for your prayers,


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One Response to Great Opportunity and a Matter for Prayer

  1. LouiseK says:

    Praying for that humility that is needed and the eyes of the folks there to be missionary-minded.

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