Asados are Excellent

This morning, we met a local missionary and Mauel Sosa (IMB missionary) and the pastor (Daniel) and associate pastor (Servando) of Iglesia Bautista Barrio Norte at a vacant building that used to be a church near one of our adopted barrios – Chacarita.

The building has a lot of potential – there is a fairly large sanctuary (seats about 75 or 100), a large patio (15 yards by 8 yards), a classroom, an office and a small bathroom available to the churches.  After being vacant for a few years, the building was in remarkably good shape.

After visiting at the church, we went over the Pastor’s home – a very nice home – for an asado (grill-out).  We met the chairman of the deacons and the chairman of the evangelism committee (how baptist is that?).  After visiting we had a nice lunch of steak, bread, vegetable, chips, peanuts, and a nice dessert made by Berta Sosa (IMB).

After the enormous lunch, we visited about the plans.  The church has a great vision for using the property – they had already met several times to discuss possibilities.

The building is in a great location – close to two major streets, a subway station, and a train station.  One of the local missionaries estimated that about 100,000 people walk within a block of the building every day to the subway or the train.  This has great outreach possibilities.

Initially, the church is thinking about using it as a community outreach center – do things like English classes, art, music, sports, Bible clubs, etc.

We can definitely come down and help with this type of outreach.  They are also excited to follow up with anyone we met or reach with the gospel in Chacarita – I was very excited about their enthusiasm.

The team is doing well.   Our translators arrived today, and we are very excited to work with them.

Tomorrow, I will be preaching in the morning at the Barrio Norte church, then we will do our Bible outreach in Villa Ortuzar.  After that, the team will make calls and eat pizza while I am at the church to preach again at about 8 PM!

I have a few prayer requests:

  • Pray for the potential partnership between NRHBC and Iglesia Bautista Barrio Norte.
  • Pray for the outreach tomorrow in Villa Ortuzar – that it will not rain and that we will meet many people who we can follow up with the gospel.

God Bless,


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4 Responses to Asados are Excellent

  1. Fran Lucas says:

    Sounds great – the building used for outreach. We’ll be in prayer for all. (Carne asada is Roy’s favorite dish at Mercado Juarez. Guess it means grilled steak/meat…?)

  2. LouiseK says:

    Prayers said.

    Love hearing of the potential of the building. The building must be close to the cemetery, too?

    Praying that we’ll continue our partnership.

    Has the feeling of a Dave Ramsey “debt snowball.” Lots of groundwork to get things going, but when they do start really rolling, things can go really quickly. Make sense?

  3. LouiseK says:

    Preaching in Spanish or English, my fluent friend?

  4. Missions Ministry NRHBC says:

    Fran – yes, Carne asada (at least here) is a grilled steak.

    Louise – the building is about 7-10 blocks from the cementary – it is really close to a train station (one we walked by if you remember), a subway station, and a major street.

    I agree that the work here will have a snowball effect – and it is already happening! without our previous work, the church in Barrio Norte, would not work with us. God is moving in a powerful way.

    🙂 Not fluent enough to preach…definitely needed and used an interpreter.

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