Sunday Update and Prayer Requests for Monday


Yesterday was a great day in some respects and a difficult day in others.

It rained all day, which impacted our outreach at a plaza in Villa Ortuzar.  We are thinking aobut doing the outreach on Tuesday or Wednesday – pray that we have discernment on which day is better.

Also, Doris Burson slipped on a couple of stairs.  After resting for the afternoon, she went to the hospital with her husband, Roy and one of the local missionaries Jason Frealy.  They were at the hospital for about 3 hours – Doris had an X-ray, which revealed that she did not have any broken bones.  The doctor recommended an MRI, but Doris decided to wait a few days to see if she is still in pain and if so, have the MRI in the states.  Today she is sore, but in good spirits!

I had the priveledge of preaching in the Iglesia Bautista Barrio Norte in the morning service and in the evening service – it was two different crowds, so I was able to preach the same sermon.  I encouraged the church to work with us in reaching the barrios of Buenos Aires with the gospel.  This is the same church that we are exploring a partnership in Chacarita, where the church has a vacant building.  The sermon was well received and the leadership seems excited about the partnership.

Yesterday afternoon, in place of the outreach, the team met together for a “virtual” prayer walk.  We first prayed as a big group for the people of Buenos Aires, especially Villa Ortuzar.  Then we broke up into smaller groups and prayed for the people on our list of contacts – praying over each name specifically.  Last, we divided into another set of smaller groups and prayed over streets in Villa Ortuzar – that God would become Lord in the hearts of the people of Villa Ortuzar.

Today, we are following up with people we met on previous trips.  At 5:30, Kelly Frealy has a weekly lady’s tea in our barrio that she has invited Lydia and Doris to attend.  Several ladies from Villa Ortuzar attend the tea, and our team has already invited a couple new ladies to attend.  At the tea they do a Bible study.  I pray it goes well.

A few prayer requests:

  • Please pray for us as we go out today – that the Lord will grant us favor as we meet with several contacts and friends to further advance the cause of Christ through discipleship.
  • Pray for the lady’s tea – that many will attend and this will continue to be a great opportunity to disciple several ladies in the barrio.
  • Pray for Doris as she is sore and continues to recover.

Thank you,


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One Response to Sunday Update and Prayer Requests for Monday

  1. LouiseK says:

    Saw the notes on FaceBook about Doris’s accident. And got emails from Lydia, as well. I just see this as Doris’ opportunity to be the “designated prayer warrior” for the team. Not what she’d planned, I know. But SOOOOO important. Maybe a cab ride to the Ladies’ Tea today? I wish I was there for that. Sounds wonderful!

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