Monday update and Prayer Requests


Yesterday the mission work was good. Roy’s team led one woman to faith and were close with a young man until his boss called him back to work – just as he was about to pray to receive Christ. Let us pray that he will take the bible and tract that they gave him and have the Holy Spirit work on him to delve deeper.

Lydia had a woman tell her that she had never sinned! I think this is more of a sign of confession and absolution rather than a crazy belief that she had not sinned.

Tiby and I set several appointments for the next couple days. We have one at 2 PM today, where we hope to have the opportunity to share the gospel with Andrea. At 3:00, we have an appointment with a couple, Lucas and Esmerelda, they have gone through lesson 1 and 2. I hope to lead them through lesson 3 and challenge them to go deeper into the scriptures.

Because it rained on Sunday, we are planning to do our Bible raffle tomorrow morning, and quickly follow-up with as many people as possible tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday, Tiby and I met with Arminda and she is very enthusiastic about a Bible study in her house. We’ve tried twice in the past without success because our team or the missionaries have been the ones to invite everyone to her house. This time, I challenged her to be the one to invite her friends and neighbors so that when we leave, the Bible study will continue because it is through her relationships rather than through mine. We are going to have the Bible Study on Wednesday at 5. Pray that Arminda understands the need for her to be the lynch-pin, and for it to continue past this week.

Last night we had an adventure – the Hans (IMB missionaries) invited us over to their house for dinner. They live in the “provinces” a short distance outside Buenos Aires. We gave the cabbies the address and told them it was in the provinces – they ignored us and drove us to the same address inside the capital. We then had to figure out what was wrong, hail another cab to take us to the right spot. So after a hour and a half, we finally arrived at the Hans. They had some Korean food and some Argentine. We enjoyed their company and even pressured Mewa into playing her flute for us. The Hans are a sweet couple who are from South Korea and are now working in a very poor barrio in the provinces to plant churches. We had a great time.

Tonight, we are headed to the Sosas (IMB couple) – they are making us tamales! I am really looking forward to it. Please pray for: Boldness – that we will be prepared to share the gospel with many. Our appointments – that the Argentines will be at home and ready to receive a word from the Lord. The outreach tomorrow – that several will be interested in the Bible, and that we will have the discernment and time to follow up with those interested.

Thank you! Mark

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4 Responses to Monday update and Prayer Requests

  1. Fran Lucas says:

    Your reminder to Arminda is also a reminder to me – a personal invitation is more effective. I need to do more personal inviting. That’s how I became a Christian – a personal invitation. Our prayers continue. Fran

  2. George Wesley Dixon says:

    Yes Fran…I too was invited to put my hand in the man
    who prayed for me, indicating I’d received Christ. I did,
    and then prayed my own prayer of commitment. So effective.

  3. Missions Ministry NRHBC says:

    Fran –

    You are absolutely right – what we do here I need to do at home too!


  4. LouiseK says:

    I had forgotten to comment that the Hans are not the 1st Koreans I have heard of to be fluent Spanish speakers. My 2nd year teacher was Korean. He studied Mexican literature for his PhD. His Spanish was better than his English!

    Proud that this couple is investing their lives in Argentina.

    Hope the tamales were good and that God has been vividly giving you discernment for the week.

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