God had other plans!


Yesterday was a good day – some of our appointments were not at home – God had other plans.

Our first appointment was with a woman whose husband I had the opportunity to share the gospel with a year ago.  He did not believe in heaven or hell…we set the appointment with her on Monday, but she wasn’t there yesterday.

We had about an hour to use – first I tried to share the gospel with a random lady at her house – she wasn’t interested.  As we were walking down the street we ran into Sylvia – she has 11 kids and moves around a lot. We made balloon animals for the kiddos and invited her to the park today for the Bible raffle.

We then went to Gabriela’s house to let her know that our plans had changed – she is the lady who on Monday, I prayed for her and her newborn daughter.  Our original plans were to do the Bible outreach on Tuesday afternoon, but we changed it to Wednesday morning because today is a national holiday.  While we were there she asked us to talk to her younger brother who is not a Christian.  We talked for at least 30 or 45 minutes – I shared my faith story and the gospel, but he was not being moved by the Spirit – I got his number to call him next time I’m in Argentina.

At 3:00, we went to our next appointment, Lucas and Esmerelda – her Mom told us to that they had been called into work suddenly – we are supposed to go back today and visit with them.

Jason called us and told us that Irma called him and wanted to meet with us.  Earlier in the day, we stopped by and rang her doorbell and one of a neighbor who we had met last June – he (Francesco) came to the door and said that Irma was not at home and that he was on his way to work.  When we got to Irma’s we explained that we had come by earlier and about Francesco…she said, Francesco is at home – let me call him. So he reluctantly came over – it was definitely awkward as he was caught in a lie…but God used the time to his advantage and the awkwardness quickly wore off.

We had a great conversation – we discussed the importance of a relationship with Christ and the importance of church.  We were there about an hour and a half.  Towards the end, Irma asked about a church.  I told her that in the past, when I or our team has been the ones inviting people to homes or to the restaurant that a week after we leave, the meetings stop because I or the team is the glue holding the meeting together.  However, if she would invite friends, family and neighbors there is a greater chance that when we leave the meetings will still occur.

She was very excited about this thought and committed to talk with Jason and Kelli about it.  I called Jason after our meeting and he was very excited about the conversation.

For a matter of perspective, Argentines are willing to say they are committed to something they actually have no plan to implement. I know and trust Irma and think this is not the case for her.  Either way, it is a matter of prayer.

Today I have appointments at 11 AM, 2 PM, 3:30, and 5:30 (for a Bible study at Arminda’s in the same vein as the potential one at Irma’s).  If only one of these two Bible study opportunities pan out, it would be a matter of great praise and would go a long way to validating our work here.

We also have our Bible raffle at 11 AM.  In addition to our team, the Brays and Frealys will be there to help.  We plan to quickly follow-up with people from the free Bible raffle in the afternoon in between our appointments.  Then we will hand them off to the Frealys to follow up with over the next few weeks.

Tonight we are having dinner at Jason and Kelli’s.  I am looking forward to spending time with them.

Tomorrow, we are doing a little sight-seeing and touristy stuff before heading to the airport.  It is hard to believe we are already going home.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the potential Bible studies at Irma’s and Arminda’s.  Pray that they are committed to this cause and will follow through.  Pray for their friends, family and neighbors to be interested and will attend.  This is a great opportunity!
  • Please pray for our appointments today – that people will be at home and interested in the gospel.
  • Please pray for the outreach in the park today with the Bible raffle – that several will be interested and that we will have an opportunity to follow up with precisely the ones God wants us to follow up with.



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4 Responses to God had other plans!

  1. LouiseK says:

    Love that some of the BA folks are getting the vision of ministering to those around them and understanding why “we” can’t be the leaders of programs for them.

  2. LouiseK says:

    Praying that Irma is not just being polite, that the Spirit is really moving within her, and she follows up on her verbal commitment.

    And also praying that none of the previous barriers go back up with Arminda having Bible study at her home.

  3. Missions Ministry NRHBC says:

    Louise – I absolutely agree!


  4. Barbara Gardner says:

    I’m praying that some of those who express reluctance to receive the Good News will find themelves questioning their lost condition and turn to Jesus. Thanks to you, Mark, for your faithfulness in sharing the Gospel.

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