Quick Update on Wednesday


Yesterday was a great day for ministry – we started off the day with the outreach in a park in Villa Ortuzar.  The Brays (IMB) and the Frealys (IMB) joined us.  The goal is to encourage people to sign up for a very nice family Bible, we ask for their name, address, phone number, etc.  Then we follow up with those that signed up – our goal is to begin talking about the Bible and transition to the gospel.

Roy’s group did the lions share of follow-up.  Lydia started a conversation with two Jehovah’s Witnesses which lasted at least a couple hours.  Tiby and I had several appointments – so all of us were very busy!

Last night we went to the Frealys to enjoy a time of fellowship with them.  They are always kind to open their home to our teams – we enjoyed it!

Today, we say good bye to our translators – they were an amazing help – and head out for our tourism day before we head to the airport.

  • Please pray for the work done this week – Jason and Kelli are already on top of following up with folks.
  • Pray for those interested in starting a Bible study – that they will remain committed.
  • Please pray for safe travels.



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