“Something Better than Revival”

Join the churches in Buenos Aires in praying for the people street by street

Buenos Aires will not be reached by Americans.  It will be reached by Porteños (residents of Buenos Aires) sharing the gospel with other Porteños .

The goal of NRHBC’s partnership in Buenos Aires is to reach Porteños with the gospel, disciple them, start local house churches, and equip and encourage Porteños to take the mantel of spreading the gospel throughout Buenos Aires, throughout Argentina and throughout the world.

I’d heard of  Porteño Pastors partnering with each other to pray for the city and to share the gospel.   An article in this month’s copy of Christianity Today shed more light on this movement.  You can read the article here:

“Something Better than Revival”

An excerpt:

“Pastors incarnated the priesthood of all believers by seeking people to assume ‘spiritual responsibility’ for each of the 12,000 blocks in the city center of 3 million residents. Volunteers pray for their block and pass out Bibles and fliers. Today the council has 7,000 blocks covered by volunteers from 100 local churches. Pastors are confident they will find volunteers for the remaining 5,000 blocks by year’s end.”

Please join me in praying for the advancement of the gospel through the churches of Buenos Aires and through Porteños!

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