From Buenos Aires With Love

Daryl and I arrived Tuesday and hit the ground running by going to the church in the afternoon and evaluating our construction needs.  It was a very good day of discovery.

Today, Wednesday, we had breakfast downstairs after a GREAT night’s sleep.  Manuel, our local SBC missionary contact, picked us up at 10 pm, and we shared how we wanted to start work today.  We had a sweet time of sharing and praying with Manuel.  We asked the Lord to show us signs He was working with us and prayed to give encouragement to he and Berta. (They were not discouraged – we just wanted to SEE God working)  Then we went to the hardware store, just like Lowe’s.  We spent almost 1.5 hours there getting all the info we needed to do the most important jobs.

The church to be used as an outreach center

We picked up Berta for lunch after 1:30 pm, and arrived at the church around 2:45, after eating Peruvian food.  Daryl and I started tearing into the floor in the big room.  We discovered some issues and we now know exactly what needs to be done.  Around 4:30 we went across the street and met some neighbors to the church who run a lumber business!  We will get the flooring we need from them!  ACROSS the street!  Seeing God work.

On our way back we saw a guy doing some concrete work.  We asked him if he could come fill a hole.  He came with a bucket of concrete and filled a part of the slab that had broken and provided support for the floor.  God just put him right there!  He did not want any money, but we gave him 11 pesos (about $3 US)  Seeing God work.

We moved  to the auditorium and started preparing for painting by cleaning the walls.  Daryl and Manuel went to check on other lumber needs and pricing as Berta and I moved to throwing piles and piles of trash away.

About 7 we went to another hardware store to check on lumber pricing.  At 8:30 pm, Manuel and Berta dropped us at the bus stop and we went from the church to our hotel.  After picking up some empanadas, we are set in our hotel room and finally still.

The balance of the group will leave Thursday evening and meet up with us on Friday morning. We have lots to do, and we have an awesome God to help us get it accomplished.

Thursday, we will be purchasing all the supplies (taking about 3 trips) and continue cleaning the auditorium.  We will have dinner with the BA lead missionaries.

Pray for Lord to show us signs and wonders.  We are trusting Him completely for every detail.

Be blessed,


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One Response to From Buenos Aires With Love

  1. roy and fran says:

    Great report and a lot done toward getting a great start when the others arrive. We will be praying for you. How exciting to read what’s going on.

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