Thursday Report

Today we got to see the Lord bring some surprising things together.  It was a great day of preparation for the group’s arrival tomorrow morning.

We took the collectivo (city bus) to our church work site, where we met Manuel at 10 AM.  There are paint stores on almost every corner, so we were going to see if paint could be purchased close by.  After a nice cup of great coffee, we headed to the Sherwin Williams paint store, 2 blocks from the church.

It was a surprising ending.  We were just going to check the prices.  When we were given prices, we knew we could do better.  We asked if we could get a discount if we bought our entire list with them.  Yes, 25 %!  The cost was now cheaper that the major hardware store.  Then they offered the discount on any future purchases.  Then they brought our tee shirts for everyone.  Then they offered to mix our paint, which they do not ususally do.  (Here you have to put your own tint in!)

It was perfect because we did not have to drive long distances to get our materials and supplies.  God had put a simple solution right before us.  If we need a little of this or that, we can just run over the two blocks.  So we hauled the 15 cans of paint and the 4 large buckets with supplies to the church in Manuel’s car.

About 1 pm, Daryl went to work on the floor, removing the balance of bad wood as I started cleaning the baptistry/platform area.  We ate a little lunch with Manuel and Berta at the church and kept going.  About 3 PM, we went across the street and made the wood flooring purchase.  The family owners were glad to see us and the elderly mother even spoke some english to me.  We have made some friends in the neighborhood.  They brought the 20 wide boards over to the church.  Now we have all the supplies to really get going.

The man who was doing concrete/plaster work next door came over to see the plaster damage at the church.  Large sections will have to be torn out to repair correctly. He will do the work on Friday afternoon and Saturday.  Another God provision.

We headed out on the collectivo at 5 pm and arrived at the hotel at 5:45.  I have never seen it more crowded.  We enjoyed a very nice evening at the home of the lead BA missionaries.  GREAT steaks!

Tomorrow the group arrives to the hotel around 10 AM.  (They are in the air right now)  We will head out around 1:30 pm, to begin the work fully.

God has provided in wonderful and surprising ways.  We would not have been ready to start had Daryl and I had not come early.  Just too many decisions, planning and getting materials together.  It is a massive job over a short amount of time.

Pray for us.  We want the Lord to speak to our hearts, use us to recondition this building and connect well with the members of Barrio Norte Church, who partner with us in this effort.  We want to see the Lord working and continually praise Him for what we see HIM doind.

God is good, all the time.

Be blessed, Wayne

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One Response to Thursday Report

  1. roy and fran says:

    I can read how you are also being a witness to those about you – the plaster man and the workers at the paint store, for example. We pray that as you all work there will be excitement and interest in the neighborhood that will lead to even more witnessing opportunities.

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