Friday update coming at you early on Saturday

The flight went welll.  I was able to sleep a few hours, but apparently no one else did.  Immigration and customs went quickly and we got to our hotel in the morning.  Unfortuanately, it took some time for our rooms to be ready, which is rare.  So we grabbed lunch and came back to the hotel.

Then in the afternoon, at about 4 our translators arrived and one of the local missionaries did an orientation.  Everyone shared maté.  It was a good thing.

After that we went to the outreach center and met Manuel Sosa.  We had a good time of checking out the building, chatting a little about VBS and then prayer.

For dinner, we ate Chinese- ask Steve about the chicken with whiskers when we get home.

All in all, it was a good day.

This morning we are going to the outreach center for a devotional time led by a missionary followed by prayer walking.  Then we are going to pass out flyers for VBS while walking through the neighborhood.

Tonight the Barrio Norte church is dedicating the building.  We are going to the service – it is an exciting opportunity for NRHBC to be involved in Barrio Norte moving outside their comfort zone into reaching the community.

Please pray:

That we will be rejuvinated, ready to be used by God in a powerful way today.

For the opportunity to invite dozens of children to VBS, which starts on Monday

For safety and well-being.

God Bless,


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