Saturday’s Update late on Sunday (there seems to be a trend here)

Yesterday morning, we met one of the local missionaries at the outreach center for a time of devotional and training.  He did a great devotional about Philip leading the Eunich to faith in Acts chapter 8.  He spoke of the importance of even leading one person to faith – the Eunuch went back to Ethiopia and Christianity swept through his country.  We too often focus on large numbers when God can use one person to lead another to faith who then spreads the faith far and wide.

In the afternoon, we went to the Plaza Los Andes, a park in Chacarita.  Because it is supposed to rain on Sunday, we decided to do our Bible raffle yesterday.  It was very cold, and only a few people were interested in signing up for the Bible.  I hope we can follow up with the 12 families this week with everything else we have going on.

Last night we went to the dedication of the outreach building by the Barrio Norte church.  It was good to see the Pastor, associate Pastor and other members again.  They were genuinely excited about what God is going to do in that place and want to help.

I will send out an update on Sunday in the morning – now after preaching at  9 PM at the Barrio Norte church, I am sleepy.  Goodnight!


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