Sunday Report

Yesterday morning, Nestor – a missionary with Word of Life and a translator for our teams came by the hotel in the morning.  He wanted to introduce me to his fiance.  She is nice – only speaks Spanish, so poor Nestor had to continue to be my translator.  They met through a local church, her name is Barbara, and they hope to get married in November.  They both went with us to church in the morning.

We went to worship at the Barrio Norte church.  The pastor asked me to preach Saturday night, thankfully I brought a sermon just in case.  Everyone enjoyed worshipping in another language.

After church we went to a parilla – a grill – which took forever for the food to arrive.  Thankfully, it was worth the wait.  Steve introduced us to liquados – fruit drinks, like a smoothie.  It was also worth the wait!

After taking a short break at the hotel, we headed over to the outreach center to set up for VBS.  There was a little of clean up first – moving boxes and construction equippment into a room that we are not using.  Then we decorated for “Rancho Vaquero” – Lifeway’s VBS curriculum this year is “Saddle Ridge Ranch.”  Thankfully, Lifeway has a lot of materials available in Spanish.

Tiby, a translator, and I went back to the church, as I preached at the 8 PM service.  The rest of the team went to dinner and apparently ate the best pizza ever, according to Jason Leach.

Today, we are meeting at the outreach center for a devotional at 10.  Then we are prayerwalking the neighborhood and passing out VBS invitations.  Some kids are comign from the Barrio Norte church – we are really hoping for several more from the community.  Then we are doing VBS followed by  a movie.

Please pray:

  • For continued unity and great attitudes among our team
  • For several children from the community to attend VBS and the movie in order to be exposed to the gospel

Thank you,


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