Monday Update

Yesterday morning, Rick Kunz, an IMB guy who’s target group is the Jews of Argentina, gave the devotional for the group. He did a good job encouraging us to take advantage of every opportunity to share the gospel.

We then prayerwalked more of the barrio surrounding the building and passed out flyers to VBS. After a quick lunch, which is sometimes hard to do in Argentina, we started to set up for VBS – get some last minute supplies and organize a few things. VBS went great!  Because Argentines are just typically so late, we had to start at 3:30 rather than 3.

We had about 11 kids show up for VBS. Several from the Barrio Norte church and a few from the barrio. The Barrio Norte kids may not be coming back today…so we really need kids from the barrio to show up! Hopefully, we will have several more.

After VBS, we showed the movie. Two more families showed up and we encouraged them to come to VBS on Tuesday. We watched “Moe and the Great Escape” in Spanish with English subtitles. I think everyone enjoyed it. After the movie, Madison Young shared her faith story and did a great job.

Pastor Daniel came to the movie and invited us to his house for dinner. It was a nice time for fellowship and thankfully we ate according to American timing and not Argentine so that we were able to leave around 9:30 and not midnight!

Please pray:

  • for boldness to engage Argentines with our faith stories
  • for several more kids to show up for VBS
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2 Responses to Monday Update

  1. Louise says:

    Saw Jason’s pics last night. Wonderful to see those faces learning about Jesus.

    Praying for more kiddos today!

  2. Missions Ministry NRHBC says:

    Thank you Louise – God heard and answered you prayer!

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