When God Uses a Typo

Yesterday was a great day, in many ways it was clearly anointed – very much needed.

The morning devotional was led by a young couple who are new to Argentina.  Chuck and Cara Hurley.  Chuck was far from the lord when he started to date Cara, an MK.  Cara was called to the mission field, but decided to rebel against her calling.  She dated and was engaged to Chuck because she thought he would never become a missionary.  Chuck, after meeting her parents and seeing their work started to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ and sensed a call to missions all in a couple weeks.  After seminary, they were appointed by the IMB to Argentina, and went to language school for a year.  Now they are here, having arrived in April and Cara is 9 months pregnant.  Once their daughter is born(their third child – they have a 5 year old and a 3 yr old) they will head up north in Argentina to begin their ministry in a smaller city called Santiago.

They had a great devotional and a wonderful testimony.  It was a blessed time with them.

After the devotional, we broke into groups and went to prayer walk.  We challenged the students and groups to be more bold and to approach people.  Several spiritual conversations occured.  In my group, Sally Cope was able to share her faith story to a man who as it turns out already goes to church – a penticostal church – about a dozen blocks away.

I shared my faith story with a man who was initially open until I encouraged him that eternal security is possible – he asked how, and I said through God’s word, the Bible.  He scoffed and turned away.  All good – God just calls us to proclaim the gospel – the rest is up to him.

After lunch we started to get ready for VBS.  We approached today’s VBS with a little trepidation.  The families that came on Monday said they couldn’t come back yesterday.  So we called out to God – the only way we would have people is if he brought them and thankfully he did.  At the beginning we had about 10-12 kids and by 5 we had about 18 or 19.  God is good and provides especially when it is about his name and his glory.

Then a funny thing happened.  We have flyers to promote the fact that we are showing a movie.  We intended for the flyers to say that we are showing a movie on Monday and Wednesday.  They flyers say (in Spanish), Monday through Wednesday, so we had a woman and her two kids come to see the movie yesterday (Tuesday).

Our plans for last night were to fellowship with the young people from Barrio Norte church and not show a movie.

Because of this families attendance, we decided to show the movie anyway.  After the movie, CJ Hancock shared her faith story and the woman had questions.  A local missionary shared the gospel with her and she prayed to receive Christ.  It is amazing what God can do through a typo.

After that we had a fun time of fellowship with the students from Barrio Norte.  After a late dinner, we were all ready for bed.

I hope that some families return today as today is the day that we share the gospel through the Bible study.  All the students are having a good time, at least as far as I can tell.  🙂

Please pray:

  • for Veronica – the woman that gave her life to Christ – that she will be open to discipleship and connecting with one of the missionary ladies
  • for VBS – that many children and their parents will be open to the gospel



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One Response to When God Uses a Typo

  1. muzacmercer says:

    I recently wrote a song about the Prodigal Son. This is my testimony of God’s amazing grace in my life. If you have a sec here it is. Thanks for listening. I’d love to hear your feedback.

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